The NFL Pool Manager is PC based Pool Software that creates and administers your NFL Football Pool Web pages for weekly pick submittals, standings, stats and more. You set the Options/Pools you want and the the web pages are built for you. You upload to your website with the built in ftp client and you're done. If you don't have a website we can host your pages on a personalized sub-domain you choose. No knowledge of website or web page creation is needed, novice and expert friendly alike. What you and your members don't get is banner ads, pop-up ads or intrusive account sign-up requirements. For an idea of what is in the software use the above menu bar to see screenshots of the various options and features or try our online Web Help. We've also put together a Quick Start Guide to help you get your Pool off the ground. For more help and the latest NFLPM news visit our Discussion Board and sign up for our Newsletter.

Pools included are Weekly, Season, 2 Survivors (can be run as a Winner or Loser), Margin, Low Players out, 3 Brackets, High 5, Digit, Conference, Monday Night, Sport box and 2 On-line Interactive Squares Pools. If you need an offline solution here are 4 FREE printable grids. There are 14 different Pool types available, many many more than any other Pool software and we add more each year. Pools can be run straight up, against the point spread, with confidence points, with over/under point totals or a combination of any of those. For more information use the menu items above.

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Weekly Pool results
Season Pool results
Survivor Pool results
Margin Pool results
Conference Pool results
High5 Pool results
High 5
Bracket Pool results
Low Person Out Pool results
Online Squares

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Pick Sheet using spreads
Pick Sheet no spreads
Pick Sheet using confidence points
Pick Sheet straight up using confidence points border=
no spreads
Player picks
Player picks enhanced
NFL League standings
NFL Favorite Underdog standings
Mobile device page

Below are screenshots of some of the websites using the NFLPM software.

Member Pool Sites


The Pools & Options

    • Weekly Pool - Can be run Straight up, against the Spreads, with Confidence Points or Total Wins.
    • Season Pool - Can be run Straight up, against the Spreads, with Confidence Points or Total Wins.
    • Survivor Pool - Can be run Straight up, against the Spreads, specify # of losses to eliminate, allow duplicate team selection or not, run as a Loser Pool.
    • Survivor Pool II - a second Survivor Pool can run run concurrently with different option than 1st.
    • Margin Pool - With a Margin Pool, if your team wins, the margin of victory is used in a season point total.
    • Conference Pool - Set up players into teams of sizes you specify to compete against each other in a Season Pool format.
    • High 5 Pool - Players choose any 5 games and are awarded points on a sliding scale you determine in a Season Pool format.
    • Bracket Pools - Run 8, 16 or 32 team traditional Bracket set up.
    • Lowman out Pool - Weekly standings are used to eliminate players(s), the # of players eliminated is determined by you in a Survivor Pool format.
    • Digit Pool - Players are assigned a team and the first team to use all 10 digits of their scores wins.
    • Square Pool - 2 online interactive traditional squares grid(s) and one weekly manager administered.
    • Monday Night Pool - A Season Pool format using the weekly Monday Night game results only.

Have a Great year in 2017!!

Pricing & dowload information here

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