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Woofpool 2014 NFLPM 2015 NFLPL 2016 NFLPL 2017 NCAAPM 2016/17 NFLPM Hosted
New Admin option to delete players from the Server Player/Password files        
Smart Pick Sheet has option to populate the Pick Sheet with any previous picks made that week, automatically locks out any games already played or in progress and more        
New player ability to check their current picks and submit new picks on one page        
Improved Bracket Pool that accomodates odd numer of players.      
Email Reminder button to find players who have not put in Sunday picks        
Add win background colour option into allpicks page        
Added points remaining into weekly results for Confidence pool        
Added Import NFL point spreads for current week        
Consensus page now created in AllPicks by games selected to print        
Confidence Pool- points available by # games on pick sheet        
Upgraded Web Host for faster & more reliable response    
New Intuitive Navigational Menu    
New Improved Player Signup Page Creator    
Email Picks Importer returns as backup and future picks use    
Allow for multiple over/under games in schedule & Pick Sheet for bye weeks and playoffs.    
Signup page data can now be downloaded into an Excel Workbook for use in a Money Manager    
Weekly and Season Pools
Low position(s) out pool using weekly results  
Bracket Pools, 8, 16 and 32 player based versions, with byes for uneven numbers of players.  
2 Online manager configurable interactive Squares Pools  
Mobile device web pages created with a single option selection    
Option to remove or include the 1st game of the week from the Pick Sheet    
Option to add a manager configured submittal deadline  
Top Menu Home page with tables  
Signup page includes all pools  
2nd Survivor Pool that can run concurrently with 1st  
Survivor Pools allow team selection one time only  
Multiple Survivor Pool screens combined  
Survivor/Margin Picks buttons show teams left instead of teams used  
Picksheet, NFL Schedule popup with entire schedule for use with Survivor and Margin Pools    
Picksheet, High 5 Pool picks layout, table with all games instead of drop down boxes for clarity.  
Picksheet - used confidence points are highlighted.  
Button to show a players current or previous picks on file  
Import Player Picks via Email
Manual input of players and player selections
Pool sign up web page, manager configurable for your pools and player information  
One click player import from the www of player data collected from the sign up page  
One click player picks import method via a file on the www  
One click score updater via www    
Configureable player default pick if picks not submitted option  
Conference pool
Improved Conference pool web page output  
Survivor pool
Margin pool  
Survivor only & Margin only options at sign up  
Survivor only / Margin only Pick sheet  
Pick sheet checks for prior Margin or Survivor picks  
Option to over-ride points lost for missed week or duplicate team picked in Margin Pool  
High 5 pool  
Sports box
Digit pool  
Alternate "All picks" web page with team logos and color coded winners  
Option in All picks report to print selected games  
Manager option to use custom picks web page confirmation background  
Options screen for Manager to indicate which pools player is playing
Monday Night Results Page  
Import players into the Conference Pool from the Signup page  
Weekly Winners page  
Admin page to change player password and or email address on server  
Backup/Restore data files
Create shared pool files
Website ftp manager
sub-domain hosting of web pages          
sub-domain ftp account          
cgi scripts enabled          
100MB storage          

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