Squares Pools

Included with NFL Pool Manager 2016 software are 2 reusable squares pools. These will remain in place for the entire NFLPM calendar year which is September of the current year through August of the following year. This will allow you to run 2 squares pools for any sporting or other event you decide. Some ideas for other squares pools are the NFL regular season, NCAA Basketball Tournament, NCAA Football Bowl Championship Series and Bowl games, NBA Championship and Playoff games, MLB World Series and Playoffs, NHL Championship and Playoffs, Horse Racings Kentucky Derby, Soccer, Boxing, MMA or whatever else you may want. If you have an event you would like add let me know and I will create a folder for the image files. An extensive image directory will be maintained for your use with an ability for managers to upload their own custom images. Administration includes options to specify the Website page name, square cost, 4 lines of rules/instructions, main page logo, team logos, team names and number input, page background image and page font color. See screenshots linked to active sample pages below, it will open a new window, feel free to test. NOTE: The actual pages may vary from the thumb-nails due to changes made by testers :)
If you are a registered NFLPM user and would like extra grids they are available for $10.00 each per calendar year, order on the main order page.

NOTE: If you are not a NFLPM user and would like grids they are $10.00 each for one calendar year, order below.


Tip: When printing a "printer friendly" squares page select Landscape mode for best results>